Tank Cleaning Europort on SYNDA

Synda not only saves costs and time, it also helps customers to be better informed.

Tank Cleaning Europoort (TCE) is a depot station in the port of Rotterdam for, among others thing, cleaning and repair of tank containers. They are an innovative party that is always open to innovations and working with DEPOT Software.

TCE decided to connect with SYNDA so that EDI communication with customers would be even faster, more efficient and less expensive.

Terry de Mello is responsible for the operational and financi

al management in his role as General Manager. Digitization and process optimization are his number one priority.  We talked with Terry about his experiences with SYNDA.



"Our depot system supports EDI files, but as we see a lot of different formats in the depot industry. Our customer often does not support the EDI format we use.

As a result, our software has to be updated to support other EDI formats as well.

This requiring us to hire developers to do this for us.

Where this is too costly we process the messages manually which is also time consuming.

So it should come as no surprise, that I got excited when I heard about SYNDA and what it does."


The SYNDA’s teams envisions a wider connection. They stated that software development that was required in the past, is no longer necessary.

Synda claims the following advantages:

Reduce time and costs for customers because it is easier to collaborate or switch to other parties like more depots, customers and suppliers

The more members are joining SYNDA, the more file formats will become available.

The solution is user-friendliness and easy to work with. Especially when you know about file formats.

This makes connecting with new parties even easier because the file formats are already known. The entire tank container industry can benefit from this.


Terry certainly agrees with these benefits and also mentions the adaptability as an added value.

"In the past, with the old-fashioned data connections with our customers, it took a while for us to notice that something stopped working.

Now, we quickly identify any problems by using the portal of Synda. Once solved we can resent the failed messages and go back online without losing data. All in all, it saves a lot of hassle, time, energy and costs."


Terry continues:

“Normally, interfacing with the customer's software takes a lot of effort. With this new solution, in which I’m very interested, 1-to-1 integration is no longer necessary. Because it’s translates the data for us. In addition, we can continue to use our own process with EDI files."

"The process up to the go-live was very pleasant. After testing, it was time to figure out the last things. All the lights were on green and it was time to go live."

It felt pleasant and trustful that we really pressed the switch together to go live.


TCE aims to work paperless and to continue to digitize and improve.

"At TCE we have the saying 'Visible quality' and that's what we really stand for.

That is why we always push to make things easier and more efficient for our customers and us.

With this implementation we have improved another process. We no longer have to enter data manually, which reduced the margin of error.

In addition, the customer is much better informed about the process, and connecting new parties has become a lot easier.”

Meet the team member of SYNDA

Steven Somer

Sales and productmanager

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