The industry's challenge

The tank container industry is rapidly digitizing, with many custom (EDI and API) data integrations between parties. This enforces software development to connect new parties, which is time & money-consuming.

Every time you want to start a new cooperation, both parties have to navigate the question of who will pay for the development of the required data integration.

Common data exchange landscape

The usual interface landscape like EDI between actors in the Transport and tank container industry is cluttered, riddled with variation and looks something like this.

Landscape characteristics

  • No data exchange
  • Data exchange 1 : 1
  • No transparancy
  • Writing code to integrate
  • Custom exchange formats
  • Time & money consuming
  • Hard and costly to grow

Centralised data exchange landscape

SYNDA envisions a container industry where all stakeholders can profit from the availability of data. Therefore we provide a new centralized approach to effectively manage the exchange of data.

Landscape characteristics

  • Data exchange platform
  • Data exchange 1:many
  • Data exchange library
  • Standardized exchange formats
  • Shorter Time To Market
  • Save money
  • Reduce communication & coordination

Our vision

Our vision is to help the tank container industry by providing a centralised platform to exchange data in a smarter and more efficient way.

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