Enhancements on SYNDA

We have been building the platform for almost 2 years now.

Cloud native solution

SYNDA has always been a cloud native solution. We chose the cloud from the start, to ensure proper scaling. The platform needed to be able to process large numbers of messages in a reliable and secure way. Microsoft Azure is the perfect toolset to do this. 

Azure Service Bus

Recently we have moved from the event grid to the Azure Service Bus. Processes in SYNDA puts message payloads on the Service Bus that other processes take to continue with and put their result on the bus again. This leads to a flexible system that is easy to maintain and enhance and does not need to be taken offline for maintenance. 

Dev Ops

Also, your development process is set up for Dev Ops. We have the team and procedures ready. Our SCRUM procedures, unit tests, manual tests and API tests automatic deploy pipeline, are all tuned to our golden rule: “we go live after each sprint”. This puts healthy pressure on all of us to maintain these procedures and ensure quality. 

The result is a stable system and team, ready to implement your next data integration. Our lead time, from request to go-live, is currently within 6 weeks. So, feel free to give us a call. 

Steven Somer

Sales and productmanager

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